ExtraLab2G: New Extraction Forces Device

The ExtraLab2G is a device that automatically measures extraction force in order to obtain accurate results

June 2024

If there is something that characterizes our R&D&i Department, in addition the participation in transversal innovation projects and studies, it is reinvestment in technology. Being an independent family business, we understand that the only way to continue being a leader in the sector is to invest in innovation, research and technology.

Due to our commitment to continuous improvement, we have acquired a new extraction force equipment, the ExtraLab2G.

The ExtraLab2G, from the Egitron brand, is a device that automatically measures the extraction force of cork stoppers easily and accurately. The corkscrew, which meets all standards, is automatically inserted into the cork stopper, avoiding manual insertion.

The correct application of the surface treatment is one of the most important points of the production process. Controlling the extraction force, in which random variables that can influence the result are eliminated, allows us to give our clients very precise values.


Laboratory equipment


In addition to the new Extralab, our laboratory has a complete team to carry out all the necessary studies, controls and tests, not only to have complete quality control of our stoppers, but to be able to develop Innovation projects in collaboration with wineries, technology centers and universities:

1. Agilent Technologies SPME Arrow – GC Intuvo – MS/MS. 2. Sensory analysis. 3. Semi-automatic bottling machine. 4. Ultraviolet-visible spectrophotometer. 5. A gas chromatography-mass spectrometry equipment. 6. Bottleneck dimension measurement equipment. 7. Torsion mesurer. 8. Samples in vials for gas chromatography-mass spectrometry equipment. 9. ExtraLab2G (automatic extraction force). 10. Two Medcork units (physical controls).