At J·Vigas we design and establish our internal management processes, not only with a view to the economic dimension but also to social and environmental aspects.

For the Vigas family as well as for the rest of the team, it is very important that the values ​​that govern their day-to-day life, such as respect, trust, camaraderie, and sustainability, are not only part of the way of working but also reach other spheres of society.

Commitment to nature

For J·Vigas sustainability and respect for the environment are transversal values that leads all the decisions and actions of the company.

For this reason, we were the first company to be part of the RIdCF (Red Ibérica de Comercio Forestal), an initiative of WWF / Adena, which acts as an efficient instrument to encourage the sustainable management of forests and thus curb deforestation and climate change.


Contribution to society

J·Vigas collaborates with the following local and national institutions:

Active Africa Education in Malawi

Spanish Association Against Cancer(Local Delegation of Palafrugell · President: Joan Vigas)

Asylum House of Palafrugell

Spanish Red Cross (Palafrugell Delegation · Child nutrition from 0 to 2 years old)

Maga Foundation

Main dans la main

The values ​​that govern our day to day go beyond the walls of the company reaching other sectors of society