At J·Vigas we like to define ourselves as Cork Artisans. We vindicate the artisan, tailor-made production and from the beginning, we have opted for the combination of ancestral wisdom with technology and science.

We are a company that combines a 100% natural product and an experience of more than 130 years with the most advanced technology, with a technical team that incorporates more and more scientific profiles.

It is a way of working that allows us to fully understand our customers and our product, being able to adapt to their needs, becoming a kind of tailor-made factory, being able to work on a small scale and big enough for a large production.

This versatility makes us the perfect partner for all those wineries that seek security, personalization, and proximity.

In our company, we transform an excellent raw material into the best stoppers thanks to the expert hands that select the materials, the look that knows at a glance if that stopper will have a defect or how to cut a slice to extract the stoppers so that the characteristics of that piece of cork are optimally used. We offer personalized orders according to the client’s preferences due to our manual selection team.

Thanks to our total integration of the tree to the stopper and the variety of products we manufacture, we achieve optimal use of the raw material, sustainably producing different ranges of cork products to satisfy all the needs of our customers.

We combine the experience of more than 130 years with the most advanced technology