Sustainability as a transversal value

Sustainability as a transversal value

In an increasingly uncertain future due to a globalized market and a sector concentrated in a few business groups, our goal is to continue to stand out in what has led us successfully to this day: Nature, Craftmanship and Science , with the aim to be the benchmark for all those wineries looking for a 100% natural product, with guarantees and technical response to the challenges posed by end consumers.

We believe we have the best product –cork– for all those high-end wines that are looking for something more than simply to close a bottle; those customers who are looking for added value for their wine: Evolution, safety, and respect for the environment, both in the product and in the way of working of the supplier with whom they collaborate.

Sustainability is the most important value for J·Vigas. We see sustainability as a philosophy, a way of working that encompasses everything, from our products to respect for people and nature.

Raül Vigas, the current CEO of J·Vigas, belongs to a younger generation, fully aware of the environmental challenges and the importance of applying sustainability across the entire production process, and making this value a part of the DNA of the organisation, so that the whole team integrates it in their way of working.

Sustainability has always been linked to J·Vigas and the cork sector in general. Now is the time to go one step further, incorporating it into all aspects of the company.

“Being sustainable means staying for a long time without depleting resources or damaging the environment. Thinking about the next generations, as my predecessors have done.

Raül Vigas