Tailor-made Stoppers


Tailor-made Stoppers

At J·Vigas we have a human team with years and even decades of experience, while at the same time we are committed to innovation and research to be pioneers in technological advances in the sector.

The craftsmanship, the savoir-faire that our more than 130 years of history give us, together with the professionalization and the most advanced technology, allows us to achieve the highest quality standards.

In turn, having full control from tree to bottle is the way to guarantee full traceability.

Sensory Control

All our closures undergo strict quality control, with up to six sensory control points. In addition, we apply Vigas 18, our own deviation reduction system, to all our corks.

We have two chromatographic teams that carry out 20,000 annual controls, and a cap-by-cap sniffing system for the most demanding customers who demand a total guarantee of the absence of TCA.

Order Customization

We have a manual selection team that allows us to fully customize the order, according to the specific preferences of each client.

Customer Support

Our customer service team, led by the oenologist Teresa Darnaculleta, becomes the trusted ally of our customers throughout the process.

We contribute all our knowledge in bottling to offer you a product according to your needs and preferences.

Thanks to our versatility, we are the perfect partner for all those wineries looking for quality, closeness and personalization.