In the cork sector, as is also the case with the wine and champagne sector, the care and selection of the raw material are essential to achieve a product of the highest quality.

Only years of experience and the use of the highest technology serve to detect the best cork, taken at the right moment.

J·Vigas has worked with the company Manso Pajero since 2006. So, when looking for a local partner in Extremadura to develop a new factory -Vimatap·15- that would allow full integration of J·Vigas and make the first transformation on site, we did not hesitate to propose it to the Manso Pajero family, who saw Vimatap·15 as an opportunity to go one step further and put all their knowledge at the service of creating industry in Extremadura, supporting the development of the cork culture, so integrated in the Extremadura countryside.

At J·Vigas we like to feel that we contribute to the preservation of the Extremadura countryside, with its extensive meadows full of cork oaks and Iberian fauna, and Extremadura culture, so intimately linked to the cork tradition …

The care of the raw material is essential to achieve a product of the highest quality.