J·Vigas reinforces its environmental commitment

Sustainability continues to be the most important value
for our organization

December 2021

Last year we achieved the ISO 14001 environmental management certification. This year 2021, we continue our commitment to quality and sustainability, not only by auditing ourselves again according to ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 but also by implementing measures to be more sustainable.

A few months ago we made a survey among more than 100 clients in Spain, France and Italy, in order to find out how they valued our sustainability. The overall score was 8.9 out of 10 and, in terms of sustainability the three actions most appreciated by our clients were, in the first place, the choice of our suppliers, with whom we signed a environmental commitment, ISO 14001 certification in the second place, and in third place, the research project to calculate the carbon footprint of our stoppers., already in the conclusions phase.

Among our environmental commitmentsfor 2021, the most interesting for our clients was a study, integrated into the Cork2wine project, to find materials of natural origin for finishing the caps, as well as the progressive elimination of plastic, wich is the environmental goal for 2021.

This december, we have held workshops with all the people in the organization to analyze in detail our environmental impact and define, together, the roadmap to follow in 2022.

This way, we unite our two most important values: sustainability and the importance of the human team.