J.Vigas S.A, leading company of the cork industry starts up in San Vicente de Alcántara (Extremadura) VIMATAP15, where the first steps in the manufacturing process of cork stoppers will be carried out.
• The peel of the selected Extremadura dehesas
• First classification of classes and discard of defects in plate
• Boiled "Navis" (exclusive process of J.Vigas S.A)
• Sliced plates
• Drilling
• First class classification of stoppers

The goal of J.Vigas S.A, with the creation of VIMATAP15 in Extremadura is to control the traceability from start to finish. The proximity and knowledge of the cork oak forest allows us to select the best raw material, applying our most demanding quality controls.
J.Vigas, S.A has a permanent stock that exempts it from being at the mercy of market speculations and above all reject any defect, both visually and organoleptic that could exist.
J.Vigas, S.A continues with the remaining manufacturing and finishing processes at the Palafrugell facilities (Girona).