J.Vigas S.A. was one of the first companies to be accredited with the Systecode certification (a quality assurance system for the cork industry established by CELIÈGE (The European Cork Federation)). Subsequently, it was awarded the Systecode EXCELLENCE certification confirming its compliance with the maximum level of quality assurance both internationally and within Europe.

Thus, the company has developed hand in hand with the technical development of its products. J. Vigas S.A. was the first company in its sector to have its own laboratory, and in 2006 it began implementing TCA testing procedures, using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry, not only to monitor the actual product, but also to advise its customers and develop internal and external research projects in collaboration with other institutions.

The 10,000 analyses conducted every year provide the assurance that the batches produced at J. Vigas S.A. are free of TCA.

J.Vigas S.A. combines the experience gained over the course of its 125-year career with leading edge technologies and rigorous management systems in its daily processes. As a result, J.Vigas S.A. can fully guarantee the quality of the cork stoppers it manufactures.