We introduce you to some of the procedures included in the cork manufacturing process


Vi i Cava


2 pieces of gas chromatography-mass spectrometry equipment. Routine controls to guarantee the absence of TCA. Method development to identify other compounds.


Efficiency, sustainability, innovation IInnovative boiling system, volatile compound extraction.


Process control with high precision equipments. Systematic in the executed controls.


Total cork stoppers disinfection. Sensorial homogeneity guarantee.


Defects calculation by depth with 3D cameras. Visual homogeneity.


Daily sensorial control stopper by stopper. Continous training of our technicians.


Chemists, biologists and oenologists groups. Work group philosophy with a common goal: quality, service and customization.


Last marking technology. 2 active equipments Maximum precision, customization, innovation.


An efficient bottle introduction and extraction. Lot by lot control.


Goal: homogeneity of the final product. After-sales technical service.


We keep all the pre-samples delivered. Visual control. In the marking process the pre-sample is placed next to the lot.