Storage requirements

1 · Storage conditions: temperature = 15-30ºC and RH = 50-70%

2 · Keep the stoppers in unopened bags.

3 · Surplus stoppers: keep them in the bag, well-sealed, and with SO2.

4 · Do not store material directly on the floor.

5 · Avoid exposure to sunlight.

6 · Do not store material in environments/with products that are odorous or pollutant.

7 · Check that there are no insects (ants, butterflies, ...).

8 · Maximum storage time in these conditions: 6 months.

Recommendations for use

1 · Before using the stoppers, they must be conditioned at a temperature of 15-30ºC and a humidity level of 50-70%.

2 · Check the dimensions of the inside of the bottle neck.

3 · Prevent the inside of the bottle neck from becoming wet.

4 · Compress the stoppers to 15.5 - 16 mm. Prevent the formation of creases and nicks.

5 · Adjust the corking machine so that the stopper is level with the mouth of the bottle.

6 · Ensure that filling levels are observed, according to the nominal capacity of the bottles.

7 · Do not fit the capsule if the stopper is moist.

8 · Keep the bottles vertical for as long as possible.

Quality controls in the winery

Natural cork stoppers for still wines

Standard UNE 56921 (Spanish Association for Standardisation) Only standard that specifies requirements for cork stoppers (