J.Vigas was present at Eastern Winery Exposition from March 9th to 10th!
10 de March de 2016
J Vigas has expanded its production process by adding its 3rd laser-branding machine!
4 de May de 2016
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J.VIGAS obtained the maximum level of quality assurance from the European Cork Federation (Celiège).

J.VIGAS who is certified with systecode premium since 2011 just obtained the maximum level of quality assurance, Systecode Excellence that rewards cork companies focused on offer the best quality and product guarantee to their clients.

The European Cork Federation established in 2000 a quality assurance system for the cork industry, accredited by independent experts. SYSTECODE is an International Code not only for companies involved in the production and sale of cork stoppers, but also for users. There are 3 different levels of exigency: Systecode Base (2000), Systecode Premium (2011) and  Systecode Excellence (2015).

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