From Martí Cama & CO to J. Vigas, SA

He was a fully-fledged entrepreneur. In all his photos he has a clean, gentlemanly appearance, with his long unmistakable moustache. He was always regarded as one of the most important businessmen in the cork sector, and built the champagne stopper factory on Clavé Street in Palafrugell in 1887.

He was born in this Empordà village in 1864, and took charge of the stopper company set up in Reims in 1845 by his uncle Francisco Prats, also born in Palafrugell. Under Mr. Cama’s leadership the enterprise obviously grew and founded a holding headquartered in Reims and Palafrugell, two important capitals for the champagne and cork worlds, respectively.

Our business started with the production of Cava corks in the Palafrugell production centre, and a sales subsidiary in Champagne. In the 1950s we started manufacturing corks for still wines, and from 1995 onwards we have expanded the product range to include agglomerated cork stoppers with disks and 1+1 stoppers to offer a comprehensive service to the wine industry.

We are proud of our more than 125 years’ experience producing cork closures for some of the world’s best wines.