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9 de May de 2018
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Study of the evolution and traceability of cork stoppers with QR / NFC technology

Project that has received funding from the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness (MINECO) within the program to support AEI to contribute to improving the competitiveness of Spanish industry.

The project consists of evaluating the behavior of different types of cork stoppers with respect to different variables (permeability, mechanical response, sensory and chemical analysis) that condition the evolution of still wines, as well as the introduction of QR wireless communication technology (Quick Response Code) and NFC (Near Field Communication) in its traceability.

The forecast of the functionality of the plugs over time will be taken into account analyzing artificially “aged” plugs and comparing them with “real” samples or without treatment.

The objectives of the project are the following:

  • Determine the behavior of the different types of closures considering the permeability, the sensory analysis and the mechanical response.
  • Determine if the mechanical properties of the plugs / closures have been affected after a few years of bottling.
  • Obtain a traceability system for cork stoppers that allows obtaining certain information of the cap and the bottle for the warehouse and for the final consumer.

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