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4 de May de 2016
29 de June de 2016
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Enric Vigas Re-elected President of the European Cork Federation (CEliège)

Enric Vigas was unanimously re-elected President of the CEliège during the Governing Board meeting celebrated in Paris on May 13th.

The European Cork Federation (CEliège) is integrated by institutions from: France, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Portugal, Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia. C.E.Liège was created in 1987 and represents all the entire European cork industry.  Is a dynamic organization that leads the development of joint promotions supporting cork, its products and applications. One of the main C.E.Liège rules is to conduct research, establish international standards and share knowledge with other institutes and viticulture organizations.

Since the creation of CEliège, Enric Vigas had been the Spanish delegate and in 2010 he became president of the organization for the first time. On May 2016 was unanimously re-elected for President.

Enric Vigas starts this new stage with the intention to consolidate the values of cork as the natural and ecologic product that it is. Asserting that “…we persist with the objective to improve the quality of the product, inform about the advantage obtained and all the exigencies of the sector…”


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