J. Vigas S.A. designs and establishes its internal management procedures not only with a view to the economic dimension, but also the social and environmental aspects. This philosophy means that J. Vigas, S.A. has a very high degree of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Commitment to nature

J. Vigas, S.A. is a company that respects the environment. It has therefore been a forerunner in obtaining FSC®-Chain of Custody certification and the first company in Spain to belong to RIdCF (Iberian Forest and Trade Network), a WWF/Adena initiative intended to establish an efficient instrument with which to encourage sustainable forest management and therefore slow deforestation and climate change. The pledge of J. Vigas S.A. is gradually to increase the volume of FSC® cork stoppers, as this contributes to the conservation of cork forests and encourages the technical and economic progress of cork-producing regions.

Contribution to society

J.Vigas S.A. collaborates with the following local and national institutions:

Active Africa Educación en Malawi

Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer (Palafrugell's local delegation President Joan Vigas)

Casa Asilo de Palafrugell

Cruz Roja Española (Palafrugell's delegation, child nutrition from 0 to 2 years old)

Fundación MAga