J. Vigas S.A. is a family of cork makers who began operating over 125 years ago, manufacturing cork stoppers for still wines, Cava, Champagne and sparkling wines since 1887.

Our company combines respect for tradition and the experience gained over five generations with new technologies and management systems that ensure the excellence of our products. The main facilities at Palafrugell are home to the stopper finishing section, administration, sales and quality departments and the laboratory. In 2001 a new facility was added to the industrial area for the bales of sheet cork, and for manufacturing wine stoppers, agglomerated stoppers with disks for Cava and 1 +1 stoppers.

To produce natural cork stoppers and control the whole process, from the cork oak tree to packaging, with a view to establishing a perfect symbiosis between wine and cork and improving the evolution and organoleptic qualities of the end product that reaches consumers.

To promote cork oak forest conservation and encourage technical and economic progress in cork-producing regions.

To foster ongoing improvement of our production processes and to promote cork industry research and development.

To continue working in direct contact with the wine industry to keep up-to-date with all the processes, issues and innovations that help to improve wine conservation and evolution.